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Strong Men

Based in Bristol

Vintage Strong Men

These vintage strong men have been entertaining for over 7 years,  after performing at hundreds of events across the UK and beyond.
With their high energy, acrobatic skills and great senses of humour they will have your guests throughly entertained.

Performing under many different guises and costumes from, traditional vintage strongmen (bathing suits/leopard skin) to city strongmen, sailor strongmen and more! 

They are the perfect choice for an interactive memorable act that your guests will not forget!

You certainly won’t find another act that is so interactive with the guests / public as these guys.

The Strongmen go out in a couple of different formats…

We offer up to 3 x 45mins of tip top, highly interactive, walkabout within a 5 hour period…

Show (plus walkabout)
We offer a 6min show plus one 45 min set of walkabout.


These vintage strong men are a really fun way to add something different to your event. Perfect if you are planning a vintage circus or victorian themed event.


Also available for different set lengths, please contact us for a quote!

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