Card Magician in London

Magician in London

Cool and Unique Magician in London

The most ‘hip’ and charming magician in London. Close-up magic is great for getting people together but don’t just book your run of the mill, sleazy magic act! Here is a magician really stands out not just for his magic but also for his personality. He is sophisticated and confident but also very witty and extremely likeable.

Those first couple of hours can be a bit awkward for guests who may not have met before but hiring a magician for you wedding or event is a great ice breaker. This is an easy way to get guests chatting with each other and feeling relaxed. This magician is a very talented young magician who will keep your guests engaged right from the start.

A member of the elite magic circle, here is a magician with an extraordinary talent and a cool charm that will put your guests at ease right away. His close up magic is slick and well known in London. He has a cool edge and is certainly not comparable to your average ‘cheesy’ magic act.

If you are looking for a magician in London who is unique and great with people then this is a great choice for your event.

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